Jeremy Turner

Portfolio: The Three Post Bench

The Gyosei Art Trail, Milton Keynes

 About four years ago Great Linford Parish Council proposed that an Art Trail be created alongside the Grand Union Canal in Milton Keynes. The funding for it was to come from contributions made to the project by the developers of the demolished Gyosei International School. Artists were invited to show examples of their work at the Parish Council offices and then visitors to the exhibition were invited to select whose work they would like to see on each of the proposed sites on the Trail. Then followed a long process of gaining planning permission from the numerous lanowners and stakeholders along the route of the Trail. With all permissions granted, the funding became available and in March 2016, artists were able to start work. Finally, on Sunday, 17th July 2016, the Art Trail was formally opened in the Gyosei Gardens, in the new housing development on the former Gyosei School site.