Jeremy Turner

Portfolio: Decorative Relief Panels

These are pieces I have made for fun, for my own interest and enjoyment, and for my customers's pleasure too. No particular deep meanings involved. The variety of flower and plant pieces will expand as I find new ones to draw and carve. Derived from a series of drawings these relief panels are repeatable: if a particular piece has sold I can make another from the same drawing - I just stick another print of it onto the wood and carve the next one. Each time I make a repeat it will be slightly different, therefore still unique. The Summer Time piece is composed of elements taken out of my sketch book when collecting ideas for the Buckinghamshire Clock, commissioned for the County Museum in Aylesbury, in 2000. Likewise, The Cliveden Urn with Swan. Other pieces are spin-offs, left-overs, and out-takes from visual reference collected for commissioned art work. I hope they appeal to a wide range of tastes and preferences.